This just in: There’s a mayoral election coming up! That’s probably not news to you, and definitely not news to seven people — including former state legislator and mayoral also-ran Nathan Fletcher — who have declared their intent to run.

More on them below. But first: What happens now? Here’s a rundown:

“As the city begins to select a replacement for Filner, neighborhoods and the planning department will face a crossroads,” VOSD reporter Andrew Keatts reports. “How the next mayor handles Fulton’s new department and the task of updating community plans, will be a huge indicator of whether Filner’s priority shift made a lasting impact.”

The next mayor must decide whether to follow the distinct path Filner started to tread, including prioritizing neighborhoods, shaking up city departments and picking fights on behalf of residents.

• We’ve compiled a handy list of policy issues, from medical marijuana and managed competition to the homeless and the convention center, that will need to be figured out once Filner leaves office.

• Filner is still the mayor for the next few days. But taxpayers aren’t off the hook. We take a look at the details within the deal forged between the city and Filner: “The settlement ended Filner’s time as mayor. But it also bound the city and Filner together in current and future lawsuits over Filner’s conduct.”

Things got more complicated yesterday when a city employee announced plans to file a claim over alleged sexual harassment by the mayor.

Seven in the Running for Possible Nov. Election

KPBS says Christine Kehoe, the former councilwoman and state legislator, won’t run for mayor. NBC San Diego says Councilman Kevin Faulconer is thinking about it.

Seven people have already filed their intention to run for mayor. The city clerk’s office would like to hold the special election on Nov. 19; the City Council will consider that idea on Wednesday. If necessary, a run-off election would have to be held within 49 days after that, potentially placing it in early January to avoid the holidays.

• City Attorney Jan Goldsmith offers some thoughts on an ideal next mayor via the U-T.

Pondering the ‘Plot’ Against Filner

Until Friday, the conspiracy theories about the Filner scandal were largely limited to anonymous online comments and private conversations.

But the mayor made them public in his remarkable resignation speech: He blamed a “lynch mob” led by the establishment and a loyal and unquestioning media. (Yes, VOSD stood accused of being part of the media mob, along with U-T San Diego and, of all things, KPBS.)

How’d these theories come about? In an interview you can read here, I ask the author of a well-received new book about American conspiracy theories to ponder what motivates those who see grassy knolls where others do not.

Look Who’s Leaking to the Press

You may recall VOSD managing editor Sara Libby’s scathing commentary last week defending Mayor Filner’s press secretary, whose bachelorette party made the news. Now, CityBeat tells the untold story of the GOP operative who took the photo.

• What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. Sometimes. But should it? “Whenever you represent a government, an agency, or an officeholder, to some extent you are never really off duty, off the record or out of sight.” That’s an excerpt from one of our Comments of the Week.

Quick News Hits

• Former Rep. Duncan L. Hunter (the father of the current congressman with the same name) is just not into former Councilman Carl DeMaio as a candidate for Congress. He endorsed a political newcomer instead.

• KPBS explores “How Fish Tacos Crossed The Border” in a new story. In a related story: What time does Rubio’s open? Asking for a friend.

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Randy Dotinga

Randy Dotinga is a freelance contributor to Voice of San Diego. Please contact him directly at

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