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Look at you, engaging with your community even on your leisure time! We’re happy to see VOSD readers are just as vocal over the weekend as y’all are during office hours. Here are a few of the core issues that kept folks talking Friday through Sunday.

What you said about: bikes

Two stories last week – one touching on the tension at Tuesday’s Uptown Planners meeting and the other a Q-and-A with bike advocate and SDSU professor Bruce Appleyard — riled the masses as San Diego looks to what’s next in urban transportation.

A few of our favorites:

“I have not seen such [a] backward ‘nation’ as San Diegans when they interact with harmless bikes.” — Tar Heel

“I guess I was hoping that a successful planner, former mayor, and now teaching professor, would have concrete examples of what we’re doing wrong, and offer a solid plan that could be used as a platform to spark interest in alternative modes of transit. Maybe a platform that one of the potential mayoral candidates in the upcoming election could take to heart.” — Doug Evans

” … we are a city of neighborhoods, and the common interest is best served by meeting the needs and desires of each ‘special interest’ until all the interests are served.” — David Cohen

What you said about: booze ‘n’ beaches

Our fact check on the claim that beach businesses had seen a 50-percent decline in revenue since the alcohol ban took effect was met with some ire.

Below, a couple good (or not) points brought up by the Peanut Gallery.

“Am I to understand that Quality of Life and the Good Society are determined by profits from the consumption of alcohol?   If so, this is not my definition of the Good Society.” – Jevans

“If the economy is in the crapper, shouldn’t the demand for a relatively inexpensive leisure activity (drinking beer at the beach) increase?” – Mike Delahunt

What you said about: 0pen government

We’ve no doubt this issue will be huge in the upcoming special election to find our next mayor.  Reporter Joel Hoffman already tossed the question to interim mayor Todd Gloria and Councilman Kevin Faulconer in a tweet, to less-than-satisfying responses.

Here’s what you noted about the city’s future and status quo.

“I’d like to see a policy shift so that all information is by default public unless there are good reasons to keep it nonpublic. Imagine if city data were stored on a publicly accessible cloud server.” — Carrie Schneider

“We’re behind, but moving in the right direction.” — Eric Busboom

Keep ’em coming, San Diego. We’ll do our best to recap and highlight your thoughtful, honest contributions to these ongoing conversations.

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Catherine Green

Catherine Green was formerly the deputy editor at Voice of San Diego. She handled daily operations while helping to plan new long-term projects.

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