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The other day, on our weekly podcast, we had Councilman David Alvarez on. At the beginning of our discussion, I asked him about his own family. He and his wife are expecting their second child. They have a 4-year-old at home.

The baby is due right after the final election. That could be a pretty amazing month for him.

His rivals Nathan Fletcher and Kevin Faulconer have two kids at home. Mike Aguirre has two adult children.

I joked about it with Alvarez. But having your second child is no joke. It’s a startling disruption.

I am rounding out my first year with two kids. I feel a very real sense of accomplishment every day that I’m able to get out of the house properly dressed for work.

I absolutely love my kids and I know that I’m very fortunate. But having the second seemed like a bigger change than even having our first child was. And this is with everyone healthy and all things in as much order as possible.

I laughed off the impending birth with Alvarez. But after the radio show, I got to thinking: If Alvarez were a woman expecting a baby right at the same time she were hoping to be elected mayor, I don’t think we’d just laugh it off.

I suspect it would be a big issue.

I’m acutely aware that men and women have very different experiences when a baby is born. The birth of our second child was jarring and I can’t imagine adding a major campaign and new job to the moment.

I have to wonder why I instinctively laughed off the difficulty a man might have balancing it all.

Were a prominent woman to decide to run for mayor after a sudden vacancy in that office, how would we take it if she were five months pregnant?

I don’t know. What do you think?

Scott Lewis

Scott Lewis oversees Voice of San Diego’s operations, website and daily functions as Editor in Chief. He also writes about local politics, where he frequently...

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