With the City Council’s approval of the Bicycle Master Plan Update this week, it seemed like a good time to check in with the guy leading the cyclist charge.

Andy Hanshaw is executive director of the countywide Bicycle Coalition. He chatted with VOSD Radio co-hosts Andrew Keatts and Scott Lewis about the difference between approving a plan and actually finding funding to grow the bike network, plus the realities of two-wheeled transportation in a spread-out city like San Diego.

Whether you’ve got high hopes to tackle the hills commuting to work on your 10 speed, or want desperately to hold onto your beloved parking spot threatened by bike lanes, download the full podcast to hear Henshaw’s piece in the second half.

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We’ve highlighted some of Hanshaw’s quotables below.

On the city’s efforts, and what the update actually means:

The city has been steadily increasing their staff in bicycle transportation, in their multi-modal division. They’ve been putting those sharrows and some of those safety enhancements down all across the city. And they’re looking at new innovative ways to basically make bicycling safer.

It’s a jump-start for the city to go after that funding, and there’s some momentum – not only in our city but all across the region – that people want the option to ride as a mode of transportation. 

And a shoutout to the skeptics (haters):

Take a look around. You can look at other parts of the country and see the growing movement for bicycling as transportation. Here in San Diego, we’re blessed obviously with year-round good weather, we have great neighborhoods and destinations all over the city – it makes perfect sense to provide for bicycles as a means to get around.

We’re not taking away people’s right to drive. And we’re not impacting sort of their ability to move around by car. We’re giving people choices to get around in other ways.

If we’re creating a route and taking a couple of car parking spaces away, I don’t think it’s a huge impact on a driver’s ability to move around.

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Catherine Green

Catherine Green was formerly the deputy editor at Voice of San Diego. She handled daily operations while helping to plan new long-term projects.

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