Still weary from the bad breakup with Bob Filner, San Diegans gave Kevin Faulconer an early Valentine’s Day gift by voting him in as mayor.

But just five months after taking office, Faulconer’s honeymoon period is already hitting some unexpected bumps.

The recent City Council vote to increase minimum wage has enough support to overcome a mayoral veto. And despite Faulconer’s attempt to overhaul the San Diego Police Department, an abuse lawsuit and a Department of Justice review could force the mayor to answer some difficult questions about officer misconduct.

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This week, NBC 7’s Catherine Garcia and Voice of San Diego’s Liam Dillon look back on Faulconer’s first months in office, recall the good times, and point out obstacles that could end his mayoral honeymoon.

Gwyneth Shoecraft

Gwyneth is an intern for Voice of San Diego.

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