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These were the most popular Voice of San Diego stories for the week of June 13-19.

1. Why the Chargers Are Throwing Shade at the Latest Stadium Talks
Team spokesman says a December 2015 vote would not be possible in a “legally defensible manner.” What he’s actually saying.

2. Most People Choose the Costliest Route to Going Solar
The vast majority of new solar customers lease panels instead of buying them. One reason is obvious: the upfront costs are lower or nonexistent. But money and convenience isn’t the sole driver of the solar leasing phenomenon – there’s also a powerful marketing push behind it.

3. A Definitive Guide to Your Rights When Dealing With the Police
Whether you’ve been pulled over, approached by police on the street or caught on an officer’s body camera, here’s a handy guide to know what you can and can’t do in your interactions with officers.

4. Everything That Can Go Wrong When You Go Solar
People mulling whether to install solar panels fear the worst-case scenarios. We fleshed out what those are and whether they’re worth the worry.

5. Court: San Diego Unified Doesn’t Have to Pay Back the Millions it Illegally Spent on Field Lights
San Diego Unified won’t have to refund its bond account for the $2.6 million illegally spent on stadium lights at five high schools, a court ruled Thursday.

6. Recycled Wastewater Is Coming Sooner Than You Think
A $2.85 billion project would use recycled wastewater to start producing 30 million gallons a day of drinkable water within the next six years.

7. All Roads – Including the One to a Stadium – Lead to CEQA
The stadium saga is now playing host to the latest CEQA showdown. The state environmental law rears its head often in all kinds of development deals across the state. Here’s why.

8. To Cut a Big Convention Center Check or Not To
Carl DeMaio seemed to push to give $13 million to holders of lease of port land. We followed up after investigating how much those leaseholders have made.

9. City Still Feeling Out the Future of Logan Heights
City planners are moving forward with plans that might leave Logan Heights out of a citywide push for “smart growth.”

10. The Learning Curve: The Schools-Within-a-School Model
Upheaval at San Diego High illuminates a broader question: Just what is a small-schools model?


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