None of the voters in City Council District 9 I talked with at the polls Tuesday mentioned local candidates or propositions when I asked them about why they came out to vote.

But most were certain where they stood on the presidential election.

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“This is my first time voting. I’m 21. The presidential race is the reason I wanted to get out and vote,” Christofer Lopez said.

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Taylor Plante said he voted for Bernie Sanders even though he knows Hillary Clinton already secured the necessary delegates to clinch the nomination. “It would be a statistical anomaly for Sanders to win. But this is about sending a message to the Democratic Party that California supports Sanders.”

A few voters said someone they knew – a relative or spouse – told them to vote and that the prodding was the only reason they came out.

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“I got out and voted because everyone should,” Rod Knighten said. He said he voted for a presidential candidate even though “we had bad choices.”‘

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Jessica Ramirez said the current administration motivated her to vote. ” Obama worked so hard to create change and I just want to make sure it continues,” she said.

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Taylor Tingle, a member of the military, said he felt patriotically obligated to vote. “And I have a toddler. I have to vote,” he said. “And the presidential election is the reason I wanted to vote.”

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Sheila Matthews said, “my grandmother always said get out and vote. She talks about how people died so we can vote.”

Rachel Evans

Rachel Evans is a reporter for Voice of San Diego. She can be reached at

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