These were the most popular Voice of San Diego stories for the week of Sept. 3-Sept. 9.

1. I Asked SDPD Where I Could Legally Stay in My Vehicle Overnight. I’m Still Waiting for an Answer.
As my father and I were being removed from our parking spot on Fiesta Island, I asked an officer where we could go. But instead of giving me an answer, he only told me where we couldn’t go. (Joseph Santilli)

2. The Convadium Is an Opportunity for San Diego to Do a Big Thing. We Should Take It.
The proposed stadium-convention center wouldn’t be a giveaway to a billionaire; it’s a public-private partnership in which both sides should contribute and both should expect benefits. San Diegans should vote based on the project’s benefits and economic returns for San Diego, not on animosity toward billionaires or any particular one. (Scott Peters)

3. The Ultimate Guide to the Local Ballot Measures
Can’t tell Measure E from Measure L? We’ve got you covered. (Voice of San Diego)

4. Fact Check: Pro-Chargers Ballot Language Leaves Something Big Out
In their ballot statement in favor of Measure C, Chargers supporters imply that the debt and obligations at Qualcomm Stadium would be erased by the measure’s approval. (Scott Lewis)

5. Stadium Plan Is Quite the Shutout: Taxpayers, $1.1 billion; Spanos, $0
Questions about parking and access to a proposed downtown stadium illustrate how much is wrong with the Spanos stadium initiative, and how badly it would damage San Diego. (Tim O’Reiley)

6. Chargers Make Unofficial Promises to Barrio Logan, Logan Heights
In a letter obtained by Voice of San Diego, Chargers owner Dean Spanos pledged to labor unions to establish a community land trust for neighborhoods that would most likely see increased property values and gentrification. (Johnny Magdaleno)

7. Student to High School: Let’s Talk About Sex. Please?
This is the first full school year under new state rules that require students be taught about contraception, HIV prevention and other sexual health topics. But there’s no mechanism to track whether districts are actually complying. One local high school student told us they’re starting senior year and have yet to receive any sex education instruction. (Mario Koran)

8. One of the Last Vestiges of East Village Art Is on Its Way Out
Space 4 Art sits in the shadow of a construction crane, one of several towering over the East Village right now. (Kinsee Morlan)

9. I’m a Young Techie. Here’s What San Diego Needs to Do to Keep Me.
Please don’t make me work in Sorrento Valley. (Alexander Bakst)

10. Parking Options Put Disabled Balboa Park Visitors in a Tough Spot
Disabled residents say Balboa Park isn’t always an inviting place for people with mobility limitations despite city efforts to improve accessibility. Improving accessibility has been central to discussions about making over Balboa Park’s central mesa. (Lisa Halverstadt)

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