The Qualcomm Stadium site is up for grabs, and it’s looking more and more like SoccerCity and San Diego State University are facing off over it.

The group of private investors who floated the SoccerCity ballot initiative have hired a flock of signature-gatherers working to get voters’ support.

Meanwhile, SDSU this week presented Mayor Kevin Faulconer and the city with its list of needs and wants for the Qualcomm Stadium site, including the university’s desire to buy a big part of it for use in 30 to 50 years.

On this week’s podcast, hosts Scott Lewis and Andrew Keatts dove in to what SDSU’s big announcement means for the SoccerCity plan. The school hasn’t exactly come out against the initiative, but school officials did make it clear they’re not satisfied with what’s on the table.

Aside from possibly weighing in on the merits of the SoccerCity initiative, which, if it’s not approved by City Council, could go to a special election, San Diego voters may have another big decision to make come November.

Lewis and Keatts talked about Faulconer’s plan to ask for a special election so the city can try to pass a tax hike to fund an over $600 million bayfront expansion of the San Diego Convention Center.

The tax hike would also be used to pay for homeless services and road repairs, but Lewis and Keatts think it’s a risky political move since San Diegans who vote yes will likely expect to see big, quick visible improvements in roads and homelessness, and so far the city does not have one clear plan for how to get more people housed.

What Is a Good California Republican?

Where does a good Republican stand on issues like free trade and cross-border commerce?

It’s an interesting time for Republican politics, especially in California, where right-leaning politicians seem more disconnected from the mainstream party line than ever.

Ron Nehring, former head of both the county and state Republican Party and spokesperson for Sen. Ted Cruz’s presidential campaign, joined the podcast this week to talk about the current state of San Diego and California’s Republican Party.

He said the party needs a big booster shot in the form of a strong and likable Republican candidate for governor.

“That governor candidate has to define our party and communicate in a way that appeals to the broad cross-section of a very, very diverse state,” he said.

Nehring said he thinks Faulconer could be that guy since he appeals to people who don’t necessarily think of themselves as Republicans.

Also on this week’s podcast, Lewis and Keatts check in on the SANDAG situation and update listeners on local politicians’ opposition to Assemblywoman Lorena Gonzalez Fletcher’s bill that proposes sweeping changes to the agency.

Hero of the Week

The 2017 World Baseball Classic gets a big pat on the back this week. Its exciting games won the hearts of baseball fans everywhere. At Petco Park Saturday night, the World Baseball Classic created an electric atmosphere that reminded fans of what the game and the stadium can be.

Goat of the Week

The San Diego City Council gets goated this week for its party-line vote rejecting a change to school board elections. Passing the proposal would have made San Diego Unified School District’s elections work the same way City Council elections do, but those who opposed it said that’s not important. Those same folks recently pushed and passed Measure K and said just six months ago that making elections consistent was indeed very important.

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