These were the most popular Voice of San Diego stories for the week of Apr. 22-Apr. 28.

1. San Diego Unified Adds Nearly 200 New Layoffs to the 1,500-plus Already Planned
The new cuts – which will go to the school board for approval Tuesday – include all library technicians, 16 mental health clinicians, bus drivers and other non-teaching employees and support staff. (Ashly McGlone)

2. San Diego Unified Improperly Withheld Emails in Marne Foster Scandal
In March, a Superior Court judge ruled in VOSD’s favor that San Diego Unified had improperly withheld emails between district staff, school board members and Superintendent Cindy Marten related to the removal of the former principal for the School of Creative and Performing Arts. (Mario Koran)

3. Low-Income San Diegans Are Getting Pushed to Riverside
Housing costs have repelled many prospective migrants, and at the same time encouraged residents to relocate to Riverside County. Disproportionately, those leaving San Diego for Riverside are low-income people, not well-off homeowners chasing a bigger house. (Alon Levy)

4. Fact Check: California’s Not to Blame for District Budget Woes
School districts in California have more state money and more local control over spending than ever, making it harder to blame Sacramento for their current financial troubles. (Ashly McGlone)

5. San Diego Wants the State to Meet in the Middle on Housing
Among the 130 housing bills before the state Legislature is one sponsored by the city of San Diego that would allow local housing authorities, like the San Diego Housing Commission, to build middle-income housing. (Maya Srikrishnan)

6. San Diego’s Homelessness Problem Is a Partly a Shelter Problem
The latest census of San Diego’s homeless population sheds light on a major problem: Many folks living on the street – particularly those who have been there for years – are choosing to stay in tents and makeshift structures instead of shelters. (Lisa Halverstadt)

7. Zimmerman Blames SDPD’s Struggle to Recruit on the Media — Again
There may not be one single explanation for SDPD’s failure to hire enough officers, but there is one reason Police Chief Shelley Zimmerman keeps returning to: scrutiny from the media. It’s an argument she’s made many times – and one for which she’s consistently declined to provide evidence. (Andrew Keatts)

8. San Diego Braces for Role as Border Wall Guinea Pig
San Diego officials on both sides of the debate agree on one thing: that the existing border fence already separates the region from Mexico. Much of San Diego’s border with Mexico is separated with what’s referred to as secondary fencing, or two fences. (Sara Libby)

9. Opinion: SANDAG Bill Would Set Up a Classic Case of Taxation Without Representation
A proposal to reform the SANDAG board would change the voting rules in a way that would choose just two of the 19 local municipalities to rule over the others and take away representation of the majority of San Diegans. (Bill Wells)

10. The Incredible Anointing of Summer Stephan as San Diego DA
Bonnie Dumanis’ influence is on full display as the pieces fall into place for her chosen successor to stroll into the DA’s office with the least amount of hassle with voters as possible. (Scott Lewis, Sara Libby and Andrew Keatts)

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