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These were the most popular Voice of San Diego stories for the week of May 20-May 26.

1. The California Legislature Is About to Kick Immigration Agents Out of San Diego Jails
SB 54, the so-called sanctuary state bill, would be the most significant change to local immigration enforcement in a decade – and it would come not from President Donald Trump but the state. (Scott Lewis)

2. Frustrated San Diego Unified Parents Say They Can’t Get Answers to Basic School Budget Questions
A group of well-resourced parents at Gage Elementary, and even the school board member who represents them, say they’ve hit a brick wall when it comes to getting answers from San Diego Unified about school budget cuts. If they can’t get basic info, one parent said, “What chance does the rest of this district have?” (Mario Koran)

3. It Is Shockingly Easy to Cheat San Diego Unified’s Online Courses
Across the district, online courses are enabling thousands of students to get caught up on classes they previously failed. But students also have access to the web as they take quizzes and tests, making it possible to find answers to the exact questions that appear on tests. (Mario Koran)

4. San Diego Wants to Go From Cacophony to One Voice on Homelessness
San Diego’s homeless-serving approach has long suffered from a lack of coordination. Regional leaders now hope to get everyone to follow a single plan. (Lisa Halverstadt)

5. North County Report: Vista Tries to Corral Issa Protesters
Oceanside faces big issues in the absence of its mayor, The Coast News is still searching for an editor and more in our weekly roundup of news from North County. (Ruarri Serpa)

6. Lincoln High Parents Exasperated as Hunt for a Principal Drags On
San Diego Unified School District announced it was going to keep searching for a new principal for the school that has long faced leadership turmoil. (Mario Koran)

7. Voice of San Diego to Spin Off New Organization to Support Good Journalism Everywhere
Several months ago, Voice of San Diego launched the News Revenue Hub, a project to help news organizations outsource the management of their membership programs. Now the Hub will become its own organization, led by Voice of San Diego Publisher/COO Mary Walter-Brown and Digital Manager Tristan Loper. (Scott Lewis)

8. Why Big Winter Rains Haven’t Done Much to Fill San Diego Reservoirs
When it rains big in San Diego, people always wonder why we can’t capture it. We do capture a lot of it, but it’s the first we choose to use because it’s the cheapest. (Ry Rivard)

9. The City and Small Businesses Are Fighting Over Table Scraps
A handful of unlicensed small businesses that collect food waste from local restaurants will lose all their clients in the city of San Diego at the end of June under a new city policy. (Kinsee Morlan)

10. This Mayor Boosts Housing, Highway and Transit Projects But Still Takes a Backseat at SANDAG
Chula Vista Mayor Mary Salas backed SANDAG’s Measure A, successfully lobbied for a tax increase in Chula Vista to fund infrastructure upgrades and boosts housing developments in the South Bay and beyond. But both she and Chula Vista still struggle to get a seat at the table when it comes to SANDAG and the projects it oversees. (Maya Srikrishnan)

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