The Standley Recreation Center in University City served as a polling place in the June 2016 election. / Photo by Jamie Scott Lytle

Election Day has arrived.

Over the past few days, candidates and their supporters have been scrambling to get your vote.

You’ve gotten their mailers. They’ve knocked on your doors. It’s almost over – for now.

Our Jesse Marx joined some nervous campaign volunteers in the 49th Congressional District over the weekend to document the last-minute get out of the vote efforts in a race where 16 candidates are vying to replace outgoing Republican Rep. Darrell Issa.

This race has made national news amid fears that Democrats could block themselves from the November ballot since the top two vote-getters proceed to the general election regardless of party.

Still need to do some cramming before you head to the polls?

A Little Election Day Competition

We enjoy an Election Day tradition here at VOSD. We ask readers to make predictions on a handful of races and reward the winner with a lunch with VOSD CEO Scott Lewis, Managing Editor Sara Libby and Assistant Editor Andrew Keatts.

Send your responses to to each of these questions and we’ll report who won in next week’s Politics Report.

  1. District Attorney: Pick over or under: Summer Stephan, 53 percent.
  2. 49th Congressional District: Pick over or under: Doug Applegate, 13.5 percent.
  3. 49th Congressional District: Pick both candidates to make the runoff.
  4. County Supervisor District 4: Pick over or under: Bonnie Dumanis, 37.5 percent.
  5. County Supervisor District 4: If there is a runoff, which Democrat (or Democrats) will make it? Ken Malbrough, Lori Saldaña, Nathan Fletcher or Omar Passons?
  6. Sheriff: Pick over or under: Bill Gore, 55 percent.
  7. County Assessor-Recorder-County Clerk: Pick over or under: Ernest Dronenburg, 53.5 percent.
  8. San Diego City Council District 2: Pick over or under: Lorie Zapf, 46.5 percent.
  9. San Diego City Council District 2: Who will make the runoff?
  10. San Diego City Council District 8: Rank how these three candidates will end up: Antonio Martinez, Vivian Moreno, Christian Ramirez.
  11. National City Term Limits: Will only Measure B pass? Only Measure C? Or neither measure? (Should both pass, the one with the most votes will prevail.)
  12. Chula Vista Sales Tax: Pick over or under: Yes, 47.5 percent.
  13. Tie Breaker: What percent of the vote will Rocky Chavez get in the 49th Congressional District?

Untangling Two High-Profile Border Stories

There’s been a lot of interest in and breathless coverage of two similar but separate stories involving children and the border that keep getting conflated.

In the latest Border Report, Maya Srikrishnan breaks down both issues: the outrage over 1,475 “lost” unaccompanied minors who crossed the border, and the parents and children who are being separated at the border by U.S. officials.

Immigration attorney Ginger Jacobs says the practice of separating kids and parents is unlike anything she’s ever encountered. She told Srikrishnan “the government could not only be permanently separating children from their parents, but also creating a new class of undocumented youth who grow up in the United States because they were never reunited with their deported parents.”

  • Former Tijuana Mayor Carlos Bustamante Anchondo is on a mission to make his city an air cargo hub. (Union-Tribune) We’ve previously reported on Tijuana’s hopes to build an air cargo facility near its airport and what that could mean for San Diego.
  • The Washington Post is out with a big feature about President Trump’s claims about San Diego’s border.

More Fallout from the Hepatitis A Outbreak

A man gets a hepatitis A vaccine shot amid a deadly outbreak of the disease in San Diego. / Photo by Adriana Heldiz

In a wrongful termination lawsuit, the former head of the city of San Diego’s public records department said the city unfairly fired her for releasing public records related to how city officials handled last year’s Hepatitis A outbreak.

In Lea Fields-Bernard’s claim, she said she was fired just weeks after her department released documents in response to public records requests by Voice of San Diego and the San Diego Union-Tribune, NBC 7 reports.

Voice of San Diego used those documents to write this story, which shows how county and city officials exchanged sporadic, cordial emails about the hepatitis A outbreak for months before finally springing into action.

Opinion: The Housing Crisis at the Bottom

That San Diego has a housing crisis is now a foregone conclusion among local leaders.

But in a new op-ed, Point Loma resident Russell A. York writes that the conversation should be focused on the challenges facing low- and middle income San Diegans.

“The problem is that homes are not being built for select socioeconomic groups and that needs to change,” York writes.

News Nibbles

  • Fire investigators believe juveniles may have started a Sunday fire near San Diego State that prompted evacuations and a freeway closure. (10News)
  • The state’s campaign watchdog agency is restructuring and reshuffling after its chairwoman abruptly quit. (Los Angeles Times)
  • State Superintendent Tom Torlakson has rebuffed Rep. Scott Peters’ request to reconsider the decision to disqualify San Diego Unified from funding for homeless students due to a missing signature on a grant application. (inewsource)
  • Here’s a good reminder why not playing with fire is important. (Times of San Diego)


Our story chronicling the 49th District candidates’ get-out-the-vote efforts misidentified one volunteer as a high school senior; she’s a junior.

TV News Segment of the Week

From Scott Lewis: If you’re not familiar with Reddit, it’s basically a collection of subreddits — categories of the platform where people post their own stories, links to things they find entertaining or images and videos (there are some very not-safe-for-work sections). Then other people either vote them up or down. The links and stories and images with the most votes make it to the top of subreddits. And those can make it to the front page.

This recent KUSI live news segment made it to the top of the subreddit called “cringe” Monday.

You’ll either think it’s one of the funniest thing you’ve ever seen or your body will reject it and you won’t be able to watch. Enjoy!

The Morning Report was written and compiled by Lisa Halverstadt and Kinsee Morlan, and edited by Sara Libby.

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