A California primary election voter guide / Photo by Adriana Heldiz

1.  A Reader’s Guide to the June Primary’s Biggest Races

A handful of big races that will be decided outright on Tuesday, including county sheriff and district attorney. In other contests, crowded fields will get narrowed down to two candidates. (Sara Libby)

2. Officials Excluded Hundreds of Homeless San Diegans From Latest Homeless Census

San Diego’s latest point-in-time count omitted hundreds of homeless people who likely would have been counted last year. If they’d been included, San Diego likely would have seen an increase in homelessness instead of the drop officials touted. (Lisa Halverstadt)

3. Much of San Diego’s Recycling Goes to China and Now China Doesn’t Want It

Companies used to pay the city for the recyclable materials gathered from residents. Now, the city may have to pay companies to take them after China imposed new restrictions on recycled material. The city sends about 80 percent of its recycling abroad. Most has gone to China. (Ry Rivard)

4.  Veers to the Left and Right Didn’t Go Over Well for Chavez and Gaspar

Two of the Republican candidates most familiar to voters in the 49th District race, Republicans Rocky Chavez and Kristin Gaspar, didn’t fare well Tuesday night. (Jesse Marx)

5. In Closed Session, Faulconer Blocked Decision on SANDAG’s New Leader

Board members representing small cities have discussed withholding a quorum so the board can’t make any decisions, if it keeps using its newfound authority that gives more weight to larger cities. A vote on Friday could put that resolve to the test. (Andrew Keatts)

6. Nathan Fletcher’s Union With Labor Now Completes His Transformation

Unlike his last two runs for office, Nathan Fletcher had an army of resources and workers at his back in his bid for a county supervisor seat. It would be reasonable to ask what he may feel like he owes unions for this. (Scott Lewis)

7. We’re Going to Court to Stop San Diego Unified’s Email-Destruction Policy

Voice of San Diego has filed for a temporary restraining order to halt San Diego Unified School District’s destruction of email archives over a year old that’s set to begin June 1. (Scott Lewis)

8. Opinion: San Diego’s Housing Crisis Does Not Affect Everyone Equally

Developers are playing on the hysteria of the moment to get around the county’s general plan and build tens of thousands of new units that only the well-to-do can afford. We don’t have a housing crisis — we have a lopsided inventory crisis. (Russell A. York)

9. Officials Scrambled to Seal Twin Tunnels Deal Out of Fear Newsom Could Kill it

Water officials and members of Gov. Jerry Brown’s administration rushed to seal the deal on a multibillion-dollar plan to build two tunnels to move water south from Northern California partly out of fear that Gavin Newsom could undo the whole plan if he becomes governor, newly released documents show. (Ry Rivard)

10. Dumanis and Fletcher Will Now Prep for a Bitter Battle for a County Supervisor Seat

Former District Attorney and ex-Assemblyman Nathan Fletcher are headed for a savage battle in coming months. (Lisa Halverstadt)

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