The headquarters of the Poway Unified School District / Photo by Sam Hodgson

In March, city of San Diego residents will once again vote on a hotel room tax hike.

Measure C, which is supported by Mayor Kevin Faulconer, unions and hotels, aims to raise the hotel room tax and fund a Convention Center expansion, homeless services and roads.

This week, Voice of San Diego’s Lisa Halverstadt detailed the two major contentions that have emerged over the homelessness funding: how it might be used, and whether it will be enough to meaningfully address the problem. Hosts Scott Lewis, Sara Libby and Andrew Keatts also discuss one man’s fight to kill the initiative. Homeless advocate Michael McConnell has so far spent more than $236,000 on mailers and ads against the measure. When we asked him why he would spend so much of his own money fighting Measure C, he said it was “advocacy for a better city.”

In the second half of the show, Lewis talked to VOSD’s Ashly McGlone about Poway Unified’s new bond pitch. The district is asking voters for $448 million to renovate schools. It will cost just $650 million to repay.

We say “just” because if you’ve been a Voice of San Diego reader for a while now, you’ll remember that back in 2011, Poway Unified got voters to approve a $105 million bond for construction projects. That bond will cost an astonishing $1 billion to pay back. Our investigation led to a new state law that stopped districts from doing deals like that one.

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