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This is San Diego’s election podcast. Hosts Sara Libby and Jesse Marx break down individual races and ballot measures — and they dig into the mechanics of voting, state-level drama and more. Subscribe now to get ready for November 2020.

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The Voice of San Diego podcast studio is sponsored by the Bob Nelson Charitable Fund, honoring the San Diego Harbor Police Foundation.

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  1. SDCC D2 2022 2 of 6 candidates have amassed a small fortune in campaign donations as of 03 26 2022. WHY? It’s a small district that any fit person can walk corner to corner in one day! WHY? Because these 2 people are political hookers more suitable for the Pigalle District near the Moulin Rouge in Paris. And the voters are the Johns.
    Joel Day
    Public Policy Educator $141,006.00
    Total Raised $48,980.19
    Total Spent ($32,158.75)
    Debt $94,188.56
    Cash-on-Hand $62,029.81
    Net COH

    Oh my oh my! Daniel Smiechowski son of a Polish peasant WWII honored veteran and candidate for D2 SDCC 2022

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