Mayor Todd Gloria delivers 2023 State of the City address at the Civic Theatre on Jan. 10, 2023.
Mayor Todd Gloria delivers 2023 State of the City address at the Civic Theatre on Jan. 10, 2023. / Photo by Ariana Drehsler

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San Diego’s mayor positioned himself as a man of law and order Wednesday night.

As he stood before a crowded Civic Theater for his State of the City Speech Todd Gloria made one thing clear: Lawlessness has no place in San Diego. 

He wants stronger laws to address a growing fentanyl crisis. He plans to push the state to get more done to overhaul its mental health services, in part to make sure more people are compelled into care. And he made it clear that issues of health and safety must be addressed. 

“It’s not OK for children to have to walk in the middle of the street past encampments just to get to their schools,” he said, “and we cannot expect people whose homes and businesses are surrounded by encampments to just put up with it.”

That’s why he ordered the take down of tents during the daytime, he said, to keep sidewalks passable and discourage loitering. 

More from the mayor: He listed many things he was doing about homelessness, including the exact tonnage of stuff city employees had thrown away in cleanups and how many shelter beds his efforts had helped create. But he acknowledged homelessness is only getting worse.

Also: He plans to make it easier for people to repair the sidewalks by the properties and make it harder for contractors and utilities to tear up city streets without agreeing to restore them to a certain quality.

There really was a lot of discussion about police officers and law enforcement: He highlighted a young officer and her honoring fallen officers. He talked about officer child care the city was organizing and the police department budget’s strength and crime rates.

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  1. We are a nation of hypocrites run amok. Just drive-up Balboa Ave during rush hour and please open your eyes to motorists driving like the insane with impunity, Homeless begging everywhere and San Diegans acting like monsters. It is YOU! Yes, indifference is most aptly called the scourge of morality. Sad, sick and oh the inhumanity. I see no saints but only those with no personal constitution. So, few vote! Where is the religious folk? Playing hypocrites! SAD oh my so sad! Gloria is our GOD!

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