Monday, June 19, 2006 | Thanks for assigning and publishing “Miramar’s Ecological Price Tag” by Rob Davis. Even though the article is reasoned and well thought out, and presents a balance of informed opinions, my first response is, “Well, it’s about time!”

Despite the fact that no other news organization in the county has yet to cover the subject with any depth, why did it take so long? Why hasn’t this information gotten out?

Although there may not be a conspiracy of dunces leading us to the airport of their dreams (“build it so they will come”), I think we are being sold on the airport as if its necessity is a foregone conclusion, without asking some fundamental questions. Do we really need it – and who’s this “we”? What do we want to see in our future? What are the costs – build-out, environmental, etc. – that are so easy to keep hidden?

Thanks for continuing the dialogue as if some of these questions have not been answered, unlike others with the responsibility to investigate such things (politicians, news organizations, community-based groups).

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