Tuesday, June 20, 2006 | This city is in dire need of so many Band-Aids it is difficult to enumerate. For purposes of this item let me list some: More, better paid police; street repair (potholes); sewer pipe replacement; better upkeep of parks; newer libraries.

And yet, our City Council has voted over $3 million to indemnify council members

against “charges” that have yet to be made.

Since litigation has yet to be initiated, one must wonder just what these “personal” attorneys have accomplished, to date, to earn this kind of money.

Better yet, just what crimes have the members committed that cause their paranoia?

This is a blatant disgrace and a kick in the rear for all taxpayers. These politicos treat our money as their own personal bank.

The council must be reformed, by charter, to prohibit its voting on matters that benefit it personally.

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