Thursday, June 22, 2006 | Once again the SD City Council sees themselves as saviors of all they survey, yet lacking the “smarts” of real life by recently banning smoking at the beach and parks and citing asthmatics and others with breathing difficulties as the reason for their action.

If cigarette smoke is such a concern, why don’t they take aim at city buses, fire trucks and all diesel vehicles which spew carcinogenic smoke into the air every day, in amounts far exceeding the cigarette smokers in the city?

Diesel engines are much more worrisome than cigarette smoke, yet where are the Council voices of concern? Banning smoking in public outdoor places is such a joke…although I personally don’t smoke, I have no problem with smokers smoking outdoors.

This Council needs to return to a 4-month session so that ridiculous items such as this never see the light of day. They don’t have enough to do.

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