Thursday, June 22, 2006 | Letter writer Michael Smith inadvertently tells the truth when he writes, “The fiscal impact would be very positive returns for the city’s coffins.”

Yes, yet another raid on the city by the criminal Spanos clan and their paid henchmen could indeed result in increase use of coffins – for the dead. You see, every time we siphon money out of the city and into the pockets of these greed heads, we correspondingly reduce resources for vital services, like police and fire protection.

So literally, spending money on football may raise the mortality rate of the city. When the patrol car or ambulance can’t afford to fill its tank because Fabiani talked the city into giving money over to the football club, someone’s going to suffer for it.

Michael Smith and his ilk – with a complete disregard for economic reality but emotional attachment to watching athletic young men in tight pants prance around with a ball – are what have led us into the mess we are in today.

Pay for your own damn football game, and get your hands out of my pocket!

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