Monday, June 26, 2006 | The Mount Soledad cross issue illustrates a significant debate in this county.

Firstly, it seems odd to non-Christians, that anyone would claim that a cross is not a religious symbol of Christianity. It appears to be a rather disingenuous claim by those who wish to give their religion a preference over others.

Secondly, this seems to be a diversion of city resources that the city can ill afford.

Thirdly, the cross is a slap in the face to those non-Christian veterans who gave their lives protecting their country. Yes, this country belongs to non-Christians as well. A cross is an unsuitable memorial.

Finally and more importantly: Mount Soledad is a small piece in a much larger confrontation. This is a nation at war. It is at war with itself. It is a war between those who believe the political process is about the laws of the land, and those who belief the process and government are about the laws of a higher power. It is not a healthy war. Nor is a war in which there is room for much compromise. Higher power does not permit compromise. It requires submission.

This is a frightening culture clash more profound than the one of the Vietnam era. This is one in which the political system has been corrupted into a choice between God and country. In such a choice, country cannot win.

The challenge, for those who believe in liberty under a constitutional framework, is to regain control of the political system. This was founded as a nation of laws. These are laws of man. History has taught us to be very careful about handing political power to those who profess to govern by the rules of a higher power.

The present governing philosophy is not “conservatism.” I do not know what it is. I just know it is frightening.

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