Monday, Aug. 14, 2006 | Regarding “Backup Documents,” This is the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever heard. So Kroll made 9,000 unnecessary copies? Let’s say they cost five cents each, that’s $450. How much did it cost for the city attorney to determine this and create that snappy “matrix?” I bet it was more than $450.

I think that if the city asked real nice that Kroll would be happy to send a refund check for the $450. Then the report would only have cost $20,299,550 and we would all feel so much better.

Is there a medication we can take to keep our heads from exploding? I don’t think they should allow anyone from San Diego who happens to have a head (there are a few left) to get on an airplane until Aguirre is out of office.

Oh the humanity!

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