Tuesday, Nov. 28, 2006 | The Nov. 28 article regarding the planned trips by San Diego County supervisors was disingenuous, deceptive and misleading

Like many things in journalism and life, what was important was what wasn’t said. Rob Davis states, “The unanimous vote to send Roberts and Pudgil was approved on supervisors’ consent agenda, which allows a vote without discussion.” While technically accurate, it paints a grossly distorted picture of the procedure to the public because of what was not said. What was left out was:

  • This item was posted publicly at least 72 hours before the vote, as required by law;
  • Any member of the public or the journalism field could have asked for this item to be discussed before the Board of Supervisors voted on the item.
  • The board only voted the item on consent because no member of the public wanted to discuss it.

This article is another example of sloppy journalism.

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