Thursday, Feb. 8, 2007 | Re: “A Subdivision Off the Old Block,” is the “subdivision” that is referenced in the aforementioned article in a “common interest development” and/or does it have a homeowner’s association? If so, at what point during the 18 years that the developer was “dreaming” this “community” up, did he decide to inject an intrusive homeowner’s association into his equation of building these “personal sanctuaries?”

The free-thinking San Diego where I once lived had no such common interest developments restraining home-owners.

If, Maas, as he states, “wanted to create something that was really true to the roots of San Diego” he would have ensured that the owners’ personal sanctuaries go undisturbed by the injection of a common interest development scheme, and he would have prevented interlopers such as homeowner’s associations with boards of directors from ever interfering, then intercepting those dreams.

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