Tuesday, March 11, 2008 | Scott:

I am so disappointed that your voiceofsandiego.org news site would publish the obviously uninformed comments of Gil Cabrera regarding expanding Lindbergh Field.

I know he is new to San Diego, but I would at least expect him to know something about the history of the topic before he begins to “preach” to your readers!

If he had spent even a nanosecond of time studying the facts, he would have known that for a variety of reasons, even our own Airport “Authority” (no pun intended) has concluded that adding an additional runway won’t work.

This is why after the expenditure of millions of dollars of taxpayer money, they concluded that a new airport site was the only so-called “capacity” solution for San Diego’s airport needs in the near future.

Unfortunately, the Authority’s own “experts” failed to study the one location that clearly would be feasible — East Elliot at the so-called “Schumaker Site.”

Instead they put forth a lame proposal to add an additional runway to the existing military site which totally “muddied the water” and led to a defeat of Prop A.

So here we are now, talking about “rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic” and scheming to add additional gates to our forever one-runway airport.

What is needed is not more bad ideas but some courageous political leadership to revisit the issue of a new site, only this time, with clear thinking, patience, and a mind to work with the military and our congressional delegation to find a “win-win” answer.

Believe me. There is one.

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