Two deep-pocketed candidates for San Diego City Council seats, the only deep-pocketed candidate in the mayoral race and deep-pocketed supporters of Proposition C added to campaign war chests late last week.

Mayoral candidate Steve Francis ponied up another $350,000 in his self-financed campaign to unseat Mayor Jerry Sanders in the June 3 primary. Francis has now committed more than $4.3 million to the race.

District 1 candidate Phil Thalheimer gave $50,000 to his campaign Friday, bringing his total to $258,936 for the campaign. To date, Thalheimer has written checks totaling $165,000 to fund his race against Marshall Merrifield and Sherri Lightner.

District 3 candidate Stephen Whitburn added $20,000 to his campaign Friday, bringing his out-of-pocket total to $93,000, which is almost half of the $197,251 he has raised thus far.

Also, supporters of Proposition C, the ballot measure that changes who hires and fires the city’s internal auditor, contributed another $95,000 last week. Thus far, Prop. C supporters have raised $245,105, compared with $30,350 raised by opponents.


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