Good morning from Point Loma.

  • You got Chargers stadium questions, we got answers. I wrote an FAQ on the Chargers stadium search, trying to wrap up seven years of history with a neat little bow. I address public money, the fate of the “Q” and whether the city and the Chargers are getting a good deal. Readers are already commenting and e-mailing me with more questions, and I’ll try to respond as soon as I can.
  • Little other news to report on the city of San Diego front. I continue to blog about City Council member budget promises.
  • In other news around San Diego County, County Supervisor Bill Horn denies breaking the law in his interaction with a developer prior to a vote on a massive project in North County. Labor negotiations are starting in Oceanside, which just saw organized labor lose a recall attempt against a city councilman there. And an appointed Poway city councilman has decided to run for reelection.


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