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Statement: “To underscore the unbiased and transparent mission of this office, I am announcing today that I will no longer personally endorse political candidates except in unusual circumstances,” District Attorney Bonnie Dumanis said at a 2007 press conference.

Determination: Huckster Propaganda

Analysis: Dumanis made the announcement when unveiling her new Public Integrity Unit and declared that she wouldn’t allow her office to be used as a political pawn. However, in response to a reporter’s question at her press conference, she threw in a caveat: That she would endorse in special circumstances and in races impacting public safety. That’s a pretty big caveat.

She’s endorsed Mayor Jerry Sanders, City Attorney Jan Goldsmith and many more. Our recent five-part profile of the district attorney by Kelly Thornton said the endorsement pledge has become “a joke” to insiders. She has endorsed Bill Gore for the 2010 sheriff’s election. At the same time, she has urged others in law enforcement not to endorse candidates for the Sheriff’s race, and sought endorsements for her own re-election campaign.


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