Wayne Gretzky, Bruce Lee, Lou Gehrig, Mom and Dad, 9/11 victims and men and women of the armed services: The King wishes to honor you.

His means of conveying his appreciation for all you’ve done for the world isn’t simple — and he doesn’t even want to think about how much time or money he’s spent doing so.

Herb King, who runs a car detailing business at a gas station in Serra Mesa, has turned a Ford Aerostar van into a moving shrine to the heroes of the world.

“I just wanted something to represent America and to honor the events from American history,” King says, while walking around the minivan pointing out the improvements he hopes to make to it. “I know a lot of these sports guys that are gone that are probably appreciative that someone is honoring their lives.”

“God gave me this gift and I’m just using it,” he adds.

King’s van is adorned with about 400 McFarlane sports figurines. He has messages scrawled all across the sides of the van.

“PLEASE REMEMBER US,” it says across the back of the van, with an image of Jesus Christ and a statue of American soldiers raising the flag at Iwo Jima below.

“ELVIS 1935-1977,” it says, lower down the door.

And, of course, it also has a nod to his car detailing business along the side:


“WAX JOB $40”

“CAR WASH $10”


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