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Last week, on this blog, as well as on Twitter and Facebook, we posted an image of a man jumping into the water off the coast of Point Loma and asked for readers’ captions.

We enjoyed the feature so much that we’ll be bringing it back every Thursday (for the time being) and looking for the best responses from readers. We’ll post our favorite responses in this space.

This week’s image is from a press conference with police Chief Bill Lansdowne and Mayor Jerry Sanders. Let’s hear your great captions. And, meanwhile, here are few of our favorites from last week’s image:

From the comments sections, reader philosopher3000 wrote:

“Ahhhhh, I dropped my iPhone!”

From Facebook, reader Kevin Bunn wrote:

“My wedding ring!!!!”

and Kristen West Pernicano wrote:

“I was just kidding when I told him the boat had a Toyota engine!”

Thanks to everyone who participated last week and to everyone who plans to participate this week.


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