The “quiet coalition” of philanthropists, business leaders and other community members that we wrote about last week is slated to release a new report tomorrow morning on the state of San Diego Unified schools. Its press release dubs San Diego Unified a “failing school system” in which two-thirds of fourth and eighth graders aren’t performing on grade level.

The group, which has been quietly talking about the possibility of adding four appointed members to the elected school board, put together a similar report last fall, made by University of San Diego researchers. That found mixed results in the school system and many problems from finances to test scores, but gave little direction to those worried about its future.

The new, updated report is meant to start talks about changing the school system. A press release from Katz & Associates states that “San Diegans 4 Great Schools” — the apparent new name of what we dubbed the quiet coalition – “will announce a public process by which San Diegans can review the USD report and provide input on possible solutions.”

We’ll be there. Look for more details after the press conference tomorrow morning.


Rob Davis

Rob Davis was formerly a senior reporter for Voice of San Diego.

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