KPBS put together a nice piece recently on a program in City Heights that helps Somali and other refugee women get licensed to become home daycare providers.

Many refugee women arrive in San Diego with few marketable job skills, but can earn income by taking care of the children of other families. Those families can take advantage of a state welfare program that will pay the licensed daycare providers so the parents can work or go to school.

It’s a something I’ve written about because it is an interesting example of a nonprofit organization trying to leverage available state money to help a community solve its own problems: The difficulty many refugee women face finding jobs and the difficulty of other community members to hold down jobs because they have no one to watch their children.

KPBS spoke with two women who have become licensed daycare providers through the program run by the Horn of Africa, a refugee-serving nonprofit in City Heights. It has partnered with a local resettlement agency to further help those women’s businesses with small loans.

You can listen to the piece here.

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