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Had a funny moment last week I thought you might enjoy:

I noticed this message pop up on Twitter from Ari Shapiro, who covers the White House for NPR:

Spotted this outside the Renwick Gallery across from the White House. LOVE.

He linked to this photo of a bicycle that had been covered in bright-colored crocheting, down to the training wheels.

I recognized the idea of crochet-covered bicycles from this Creators Project video I came across a few months ago:

So I sent a message to Shapiro saying I thought it looked like the Polish-American artist Olek I’d seen in the video.

This weekend, she replied to both of us, confirming the bike Shapiro had seen was hers:

Yes! Put there in anticipation of my upcoming show at the @Smithsonian Renwick Gallery opening June 2012.

Have you seen any colorful street features or creatures you’ve wondered about? I can’t promise I can repeat this fluke of knowing who made them, but we can try putting it out to more heads than one. Leave a comment below or on our Facebook.

As Shapiro commented when he reposted my hypothesis, “Twitter’s amazing.”

I am the arts editor for VOSD. You can reach me directly at kelly.bennett@voiceofsandiego.org or 619.325.0531. Or you can keep up with me on Twitter @kellyrbennett or on Facebook.

Kelly Bennett

Kelly Bennett is a former staff writer for Voice of San Diego.

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