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I am a student at Construction Tech Academy, which is a small school at the Kearny High Educational Complex. I would like to voice my opinion about the recent budget cuts which could affect my school in a drastic way.

Right now, there are four principals at Kearny High, one for each specialized school — CTA (Construction Tech Academy), SCT (Science Connections and Technology), DMD (Digital Media and Design) and SIB (School of International Business). Together we make up Kearny High.

Having separate schools is very beneficial to the students. I see it every day. In my school we have a lot of hands-on opportunities to work and learn construction skills. In my Advanced Construction class, we built a small five-room building from the ground up. We installed wiring, plumbing, windows, drywall — everything that you would in a normal construction job.

I don’t see these opportunities being available to us if the principals were to be cut down to two. It is a challenging job for one principal as it is, and making one person run two completely different schools would be doing the students a disservice.

Kearny as a whole has won numerous awards, both nationally and statewide. Why change a system that is obviously working?

I hope that my take on this situation can help sway anyone with influence in these matters to see that Kearny High is excelling the way it is because of our four separate principals, to change it would be to take a step backwards in the wrong direction.

Samuel Howze is an incoming senior at Construction Tech Academy.

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