I have been waiting for you to do a piece on the proposed transitional housing facility for homeless veterans on San Diego Avenue in the building that once housed the Thomas Jefferson School of Law. Some Mission Hills neighbors are up in arms. Moreover, a charter school — Old Town Academy — was located this year right across the street. The school’s founder, Christopher Celentino, has mobilized a fair amount of opposition including many of the parents with children in the school.

At Mission Hills Town Council last week my friend and I seemed to be the only locals that urged that the community not object to the facility but rather work with the Veterans Affairs to allay fears. What was so troubling is that there seemed to be ‘real’ fear and much — what I consider — false information about what these veterans (with post-traumatic stress disorder) would all be capable of. Very sad. Many persons from the Veterans community were there speaking in support but also quite stressed to hear how many people had objections — many of which seemed nonsensical to me.

Elvi Olesen lives in Mission Hills.

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