I worked for City Schools for over 20 years. I went through one nasty strike loaded with misstatements and racism. It took years for the effects of that strike to subside; for many it never did. People who walked and those who crossed the picket lines were at odds then and for many the wounds did not heal. The arguments then and now are similar: Who’s telling the truth? Who’s slanting the data? Does either side really know the facts?

Within the district there are so few who are allowed the real truths and there are apparently no checks and balances. When board members state they don’t know the specifics of how the district does some things there is obviously a problem. The district has to be honest and up front with the union and the union then has to be honest with their members. It has turned into a situation similar to national politics “one side against the other, winner take all.” If it continues the real losers will be the students in crowded classrooms, with inferior teachers, fewer learning days, and few supplies.

Dan Lazzaro lives in Tierrasanta.

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