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Some of San Diego’s most distinctive and beloved neighborhoods are in the Uptown district, which encompasses Hillcrest, Bankers Hill, University Heights, Mission Hills and Middletown. There’s scads of history along with new developments, like the Ralphs center.

As we reported, the city is working on its blueprint for the region with an eye toward not packing in too many new people. Now, we’ve compiled reactions to our story: some readers foresee more horrific suburban sprawl while others are glad the city’s making an effort to keep overcrowding at bay.

There’s plenty of discussion of infrastructure, a clunky wonk word that refers to things that are crucial to the lives we live — things like streets and sidewalks and all those hidden pipes underneath them.   

Our story about Uptown’s future was the most popular on our site over the past week. Check the full Top 10 list here.

An Election? So Soon? Yup: It’s Today

Voters in the City Council district that covers much of southeastern San Diego will vote on a representative today. A very small turnout and a runoff are expected.

Anything can happen in the race to replace Tony Young. As Labor Council Political Director Evan McLaughlin pointed out on Facebook, a poll two months before the 2004 race in this district showed Young at only 4 percent. Yet, he ended up going on to win over a local political legend, George Stevens. Check our guide to the election and more thoughts.

City Attorney Analysis Provokes Chatter

Yesterday, Scott Lewis listed the top legal letdowns the city’s had under the direction of City Attorney Jan Goldsmith. But we also let Goldsmith post a long list of his touted accomplishments. 

But U-T writer Craig Gustafson pointed out the case at the top of that list, the city’s struggle with its ambulance service provider, is “more of a tangled web” than a win and he linked to this.

All the posts generated discussion, including Lewis’ sidebar with Michael Zucchet, the head of the largest union of city employees. Zucchet explained why they are fighting the city on the pension reform initiative despite not being terribly worried at first about the benefits it leaves his members. Lewis updated this post yesterday as well. 

Reality Check on Driving Claim

Fact Check TV recaps our look at whether a councilman was right when he said a huge chunk of driving trips are two miles or less — fodder for advocates of better resources for cyclists.

San Diego’s Sad Streak Continues

Sports blogger John Gennaro says the Aztecs loss in the NCAA tournament is more of the same for our victory-challenged local fans.   

Quick News Hits

• The Atlantic Cities listed its Top 12 proposals (out of more than 800) that are up for consideration for funding in the big Knight Foundation open government News Challenge. Our entry made the list as did another from folks who are working with Mayor Bob Filner’s administration.

• We’ve been following the budget mess in the small school district that serves the East County town of Ramona. Now, the district is looking for a loan from the county, reports.  

• The Reader tried to get documents from the city Ethics Commission about U-T San Diego’s sensational weekend story about a behind-the-scenes effort to anonymously smear mayoral candidate Carl DeMaio. No can do, the commission said, even though it’s investigation is closed.

• The little Padre Dam Municipal Water District, which serves 100,000 people in East County, socks residents with some of the highest local water rates. Now, the U-T finds that 30 of 130 workers make over $100,000 a year. Of those, 22 got raises over the past three fiscal years.

The district says it’s trying to save money in other ways.

• KPBS has a report on the efforts of San Diego schools to help students who have a mighty hard time learning English.

• Lani Lutar liked to play political hardball as the head of the business-friendly San Diego County Taxpayers Association. Now she has a new job, with a non-profit called Equinox, and tells the U-T that harmony is now her top priority. 

• A top candidate for mayor of New York City sounds familiar for some reason.

• When it’s not referring to itself in the third person, the Morning Report pretends to scoff at adorable animal photos. You’ve seen one cute kitty or puppy, you’ve seen them all! How about some real ne… Ermagherd! Stop everything and say awwww: These photos of cuddly pandas in “snow” at the San Diego Zoo will melt the most frozen hearts.

• Do you know someone who has a recent-vintage prom dress? She’s in luck. Well, technically, someone else is.  The San Diego County library system is kicking off its annual Prom Dress Drive and Gown Giveaway and looking for donations. The gowns will go to local girls in need. has the details.

It’s great that prom dresses can be recycled. Now if only I could recycle my prom haircut. Anybody got a Flowbee handy?

Randy Dotinga is a freelance contributor to Voice of San Diego. Please contact him directly at and follow him on Twitter:

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Randy Dotinga

Randy Dotinga is a freelance contributor to Voice of San Diego. Please contact him directly at

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