We recently surveyed readers on what issues they think should take top priority in the Nov. 19 mayor’s race and in our election coverage.

About 400 readers weighed in, and many asked us to press candidates on how they’d approach the city budget, neighborhood planning and the city’s aging streets, sidewalks and pipes.

We asked readers to rank issues they think merit VOSD’s coverage from 1 to 13, which 1 being the most important.

Here’s a look at how they responded. (Keep in mind: A smaller total means more readers ranked it among their top concerns.)

We also asked whether issues we’ve focused on in recent months – emergency response times, city finances, neighborhood development and infrastructure – deserved more coverage in the mayor’s race. The overwhelmingly response: Keep at it.

Here are a few standout responses from anonymous survey participants:

“I’d like to know where the candidates stand on big city-wide projects as well as neighborhood issues. I want safer streets and cool communities but I also want to know what these people think San Diego looks like in 10 years and in 50 years, and how they plan to plan for it. Of course everyone wants their neighborhood improved, but the mayor has to look at the big picture. How does it all come together?”

“1. city finances 2. emergency response times I like the focus on what affects all San Diegans. The next mayor may have some cash to work with so it is key to know what the priority items will be.”

“Neighborhood development … not downtown development. Way too much public money has been spent on the downtown since the Susan Golding administration, over 5 billion dollars. I wonder what that money could have done if spread throughout San Diego rather than being concentrated downtown.”

“HONESTY in city finances.”

We also asked what questions readers have for the mayoral candidates. Here’s a sample:

“The top three goals for each, if elected. Facts, not rhetoric, please.”

“Are you in favor of less spending or tax increases to support your causes?”

“For major candidates: San Diego is hurting due to the Filner debacle. Will you jointly pledge to forgo attack ads, focus on positive issues, and help heal the city?”

“There are many infrastructure needs in San Diego; how should these needs be financed? Here I want some clear ideas, not just generalities.”

What do you think of the responses? Is there anything you think deserves more attention that wasn’t included in our survey?

Lisa Halverstadt

Lisa is a senior investigative reporter who digs into some of San Diego's biggest challenges including homelessness, city real estate debacles, the region's...

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