These were the most popular Voice of San Diego stories for the week of Nov. 28-Dec. 4.

1. Small San Diego Developers See a New Frontier in Tijuana
The Lafayette Hotel on Avenida Revolucion in Tijuana is being renovated by San Diego developer Greg Strangman. (Maya Srikrishnan)

2. NFL to San Diego: Only Losers Hold Public Votes
Roger Goodell tells San Diego to have final stadium plans – plans that are “certain” – to the league by the end of the month. That means no vote. (Liam Dillon)

3. Opinion: Want to Save Florida Canyon? Kill Florida Drive.
Florida Drive must be closed and ripped out so the canyon it runs through can be returned to its native state. (Vicki Estrada)

4. ‘Just Because Somebody Can Make Bail Doesn’t Make Them Safer’
San Diego County courts have been operating without a pretrial services program since October due to lack of funding. (Kelly Davis)

5. The Dream of a Cross-Border Bike Lane
A local Tijuana designer is pushing for bike-friendly infrastructure at the San Diego-Tijuana border crossing. (Maya Srikrishnan)

6. Opinion: Another Step Backward for Recycled Water
We should be expanding and using recycled water for landscaping. Instead, the city of San Diego’s decision to jack up the cost of recycled water is forcing us to head in the wrong direction. (Mark Robak)

7. San Diego Explained: Rethinking the Hotel Tax
“NBC’s Monica Dean and Voice of San Diego’s Scott Lewis delve deep into the hotel tax, a new proposal to overhaul it and what it will take to get voters to approve it on this week’s San Diego Explained. (Amanda Rhoades)

8. The Many Problems With Kersey’s Big Streets Plan
It’s not enough money to resolve infrastructure funding gaps. And history shows that in the long term, approaches like this one haven’t worked here. (Liam Dillon)

9. An Artist Asks SDSU, ‘Where’s the Art?’ – Then Answers His Own Question
Mario Torero, a counterculture artist and first-time San Diego State lecturer, is showing students how to make an impact outside of a studio or gallery. (Kinsee Morlan)

10. SDPD’s Revisionism on Community Policing
Chiefs past and present now say they knew the department’s community policing efforts were suffering. Four years ago, they denied there was a problem. (Liam Dillon)

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