Flames burn on a gas stove on Jan. 17, 2023.
Flames burn on a gas stove on Jan. 17, 2023. / Photo by Ariana Drehsler

The mere suggestion of getting rid of gas-powered stoves at the federal level caused political turmoil in Congress last week, after a new study blamed methane or natural gas for 13 percent of childhood asthma. 

Gas used to cook food or heat homes produces pollution both indoors and out, reads the city of San Diego’s Climate Action Plan which aims to replace the gas with electricity by 2035 in most buildings. That likely means swapping-out gas stoves with electric-powered induction stoves, as noted in the plan. 

Decarbonizing buildings is how San Diego plans to cut half of its emissions under an update to that plan signed by Mayor Todd Gloria. But how the city will achieve this is not yet spelled out in policy. 

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Rate of Newly Homeless San Diegans Continues to Outpace Housing Efforts

New countywide data reveals dozens more San Diegans fell into homelessness in December than the number who moved into housing.

The Regional Task Force on Homelessness reports that 994 people accessed homeless services for the first time last month while 759 exited homelessness. December marked the ninth month in a row that the number of people becoming homeless for the first time outpaced the number of people moving off the street.

The latest monthly data from the Task Force also showed that a majority of formerly unhoused people who moved into homes last month secured their own units without ongoing aid, a trend that our Lisa Halverstadt wrote about earlier this week

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The Morning Report was written by MacKenzie Elmer, Lisa Halverstadt and Will Huntsberry. It was edited by Andrea Lopez-Villafaña. 

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