Fact Check TV: The Mayor’s Changing Tune

Fact Check TV: The Mayor’s Changing Tune

Photo by Jamie Scott Lytle

Mayor Bob Filner

Mayor Bob Filner’s public statements have dramatically shifted since former allies first accused him of sexual harassment earlier this month.

Filner initially apologized in a recorded statement but he became increasingly defiant despite repeated calls that he step down. Filner also said a few things that raised eyebrows, including a comment to Univision about what he called a “monster” inside him.

Scott Lewis and I reviewed Filner’s recent comments about the sexual harassment allegations and discussed how they’ve changed along the way in the latest edition of Fact Check TV.

We also vetted Assembly Majority Leader Toni Atkins’ claim that the mayor supervises nearly 20,000 staffers, half of whom are women.

Watch the video:

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Lisa Halverstadt

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