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San Diego has a backlog of infrastructure needs concerning water, sewer and roads. They never get seriously addressed. The efforts are usually reactionary when an old section of pipe breaks or our political leaders seem to want to appease the public.

When we do witness work being done it often seems uncoordinated. How many times have you witnessed a street being paved only to see it dug up again to put in a water pipe? Everyone has seen this. Makes me wonder if the city departments talk to each other or if anyone has a coordinated plan.

Fixing our roads, sewer and water systems benefits all of us rather than the vision things that only benefit a select group.

Perhaps this idea is not as sexy as convention centers, ball parks or bike rentals but it is a basic need. It is a need that has been ignored too long and should be seriously addressed with a definite, coordinated and communicated plan. The rest of the vision things should take a back seat and make fixing San Diego just that: a fix that benefits all of us.

Mark Giffin lives in Clairemont.

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