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One way to tell the difference between two longtime Democrats who have similar positions on most issues: the company they keep.

We’ve compiled a handy scorecard of endorsements for District 4 City Council candidates Myrtle Cole and Dwayne Crenshaw.

Cole has big names like the mayor and the region’s largest labor group. Crenshaw’s got support from most of his opponents in the primary and some environmental groups.

We wondered after the primary whether Crenshaw would attract support from conservatives because of Cole’s union backers, and Crenshaw’s willingness to criticize labor spending in the race. That’s exactly what happened. The Lincoln Club of San Diego is funding an independent campaign for Crenshaw, and Republican City Councilman Kevin Faulconer hosted a fundraiser for him.

But because of their similar positions, they’re still more likely to have friends in common than enemies. State Sen. Marty Block, whose district overlaps with part of District 4, endorsed both Cole and Crenshaw before the primary, something both listed prominently on their websites. He’s not picking a favorite now.

“He thinks either one of them would make a fine council member,” said Maria Lopez, Block’s spokeswoman.

The scorecard, which you can click to enlarge:


Correction: An earlier version of this post listed Tony Gwynn as a Democrat. He’s registered as decline to state. We regret the error.

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Liam Dillon

Liam Dillon was formerly a senior reporter and assistant editor for Voice of San Diego. He led VOSD’s investigations and wrote about how regular people...

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