Bob Filner

The city’s first Democrat mayor in 20 years resigned after weeks of sexual harassment allegations by multiple women. Start here with former Mayor Bob Filner, in his own words.

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A Tale of Two Victims

It was easy for the city to make a big show of celebrating Peggy Shannon, who was harassed by Bob Filner and didn't ask for any financial compensation. But the city's treatment of Jane Doe, who's suing over her encounter with a rogue cop, reveals a much different attitude toward victims.

VOSD Radio: Let’s Eat

Troy Johnson from the Food Network and San Diego Magazine is our special guest. Plus: misleading mailers, troubles at Lincoln High and the "pension crisis zombie."

VOSD Radio: About-Face Filner

The former mayor's decision to waive his right to confront his accusers was stunning, considering his riled up resignation speech. Plus, we hear from Kevin Faulconer on his record backing residents vs. industry.


San Diego Needs More Donna Fryes

Having more women at the top of San Diego city leadership would help end the culture of silence that enables sexual harassment to go unreported and unaddressed.