A note on the poll: Last week I highlighted a poll by Tom Shepard & Associates about the state of things in the city of San Diego. While I correctly noted that the poll showed Council President Scott Peters had the lowest favorability rating of the city officials the poll discussed, it may not be as bad as it looked.

Peters had a 34 percent favorability rating compared to 78 percent for Mayor Jerry Sanders, 67 percent for Councilwoman Donna Frye and 57 percent for City Attorney Mike Aguirre.

But Peters also had lower unfavorability ratings than both Aguirre and Frye. In other words, the poll – take it however you’d like – would seem to show that far fewer people know Peters than the other three.

And, in fact, he had the highest “Unsure/Unknown” rating: 43 percent.

Here’s how it broke down:

Favorable: 78 percent
Unfavorable: 12 percent
Unsure/Unknown: 9 percent

Favorable: 67 percent
Unfavorable: 26 percent
Unsure/Unknown: 6 percent

Favorable: 34 percent
Unfavorable: 21 percent
Unsure/Unknown: 43 percent

Favorable: 57 percent
Unfavorable: 28 percent
Unsure/Unknown: 15 percent

And, according to Peters’ spokeswoman Pam Hardy, it’s very simple:

“Maybe if people knew Scott, they’d like him,” she said, reminding me that unlike the others in the poll, Peters has never run for citywide office.


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