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How funny. Did anyone else see the Union-Tribune‘s editorial today about the travel plans of County Supervisors Ron Roberts and Pam Slater-Price?

Rob Davis broke the story of their junkets last Wednesday in an excellent report. The North County Times and a bunch of other outlets followed it up.

The U-T never did the story however. And their news reporters appear to have passed on the story.

The U-T editorial board, however, weighed in saying this today (emphasis added):

So, these junkets are far from free. Kickback is a better description. To be clear, we’re not suggesting these trips are illegal. But they are rotten to the core, in a way that typifies much of what’s wrong with politicians.

Here are some specifics. According to published reports, Slater-Price will see an opera in Prague, followed by wine and dinner at a castle. Then it’s off to Austria to hear the Vienna Boys Choir.

According to published reports indeed.


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