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The Chargers‘ season is over, but their years-long search for a new stadium continues.

As we reported Friday, the team has decided to move ahead on talks with Oceanside after studying a 75-acre city-owned lot known as Goat Hill. The team has long planned on building an accompanying development project and using the proceeds to finance the stadium.

I asked team special counsel Mark Fabiani this morning if there was enough room on the lot, which is currently a golf course, to build both the stadium and the development. (One hitch in National City’s plans is that the development would possibly have to be spread out on one or more satellite lots away from the stadium — and perhaps even in other cities.)

Fabiani responded in an e-mail:

too soon to say … we are not now aware of any other development opportunities in Oceanside, and our focus [is] solely on Goat Hill. Having said that, one of the main challenges at the Goat Hill site is its size, and the big question is whether we can do all we need to do on just that site.

The team’s old proposal for the existing Qualcomm Stadium site in Mission Valley was on 166 acres of land, 60 of which would have been given to the team and developed and sold as condos.

He said it’s also too soon to say what kind of arrangement could be worked out at Goat Hill, but that Oceanside could be asked to contribute public land as part of the deal.


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