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A television show featuring homeowners who’ve renovated their houses is coming to San Diego in March. The gist of the show, I gather, is to find homeowners who’ve poured money (and, likely, cement) into renovating their home, but have yet to figure out how much worth it’s added.

The show, called “My House Is Worth WHAT?,” takes local experts (identities undisclosed so far by HGTV) and walks them through the house. The experts then assess the home’s value in light of the improvements and offer suggestions for what else the homeowners could do to ratchet up the value.

I chatted this afternoon with one of the show’s producers, Nathan Grover. He said they’re coming to San Diego to film four segments in mid-March. Two of the homeowner slots have already been filled, but they’re looking for two more. Ideal candidates have been in their homes for a few years (he suggested 10 or more) and have undertaken considerable renovation projects.

If you’re interested in being one of these homeowners, check out this link.

Grover acknowledged that as home values decline in some neighborhoods from once-soaring levels, even substantial renovations may not be enough to merit a selling price reminiscent of the housing boom. Another tricky part, he said, is that the shows aren’t aired for a couple of months after taping — and even two months can have a profound impact on what a home could actually sell for.

Nonetheless, they’re on their way to our hometown. Should be interesting to see what they find.


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