A small group of thoughtful people could change the world. Indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.” This quote from Margaret Meade is my favorite of all quotes.

Thank you to my colleagues on the Board of the Directors to build a stronger San Diego Food Bank for the community. The World Hunger Awareness Month is October.

The Board is preparing for an aggressive Hunger Awareness campaign that will launch this fall. The fact that we have to have a month designated for hunger says something about society. 

It is easy to go through life and focus only on my own personal agenda. But I realize that I am lucky; and thus, should do my part to help those that are not as fortunate.

Forty-eight percent (48 percent) of our recipients are children – 16 percent are under the age of five.  If nothing else, this should persuade everyone to not only take note of the statistic, but to take action to reduce the number of children suffering from hunger.

I am proud of the small group of thoughtful people (the board of directors) who have decided to help create change. In the end we hope to convince others in the San Diego community to join our efforts.

We need your food, we could use your funds and obviously we need your friendship and support.


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