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San Diego Fire Chief Tracy Jarman and San Diego Unified School District Superintendent Carl Cohn have joined forces to offer a public safety curriculum at Lincoln High School.

The Public Safety High School Program will be aimed at getting kids interested in public safety careers within the city of San Diego. According to a report issued by the Fire-Rescue Department, the school would follow a model adapted by school districts in New York, Boston and San Bernardino.

The report states:

These schools reported increased student engagement, improved academic achievement and elevated college admission rates. In addition, they have successfully integrated a combined coalition of city agencies, which has increased community public safety relations with future members of the workforce as well as contributing members of city neighborhoods.

The curriculum will be designed to meet University of California entrance requirements in addition to the entry requirements for many public safety careers.

A PowerPoint presentation, made by the Fire Department to the Public Safety and Neighborhood Services Committee, states that the school will also give students the opportunity to earn certificates in first aid, CPR and fire science.

And students will have the chance to shadow public safety staff, attend internships and go on ride-alongs with public safety personnel, the presentation states.

The school will start its inaugural year in the fall.


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